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Support Alisa’s campaign for Texas State Rep HD-94

If you like what Alisa stands for and want to help elect her, please join us!

We welcome all kinds of help and are grateful for every contribution, whether it’s writing a check, volunteering, hosting a yard sign, or telling your local network (in person or on social media) about Alisa and what she wants to do for Texas. Please choose how you can help below!

How would you like to volunteer?

Alisa and her team will be getting out the vote — in person and virtually — from now until Election Day. COVID-19 may have changed how volunteering works for all of us, but there are still plenty of ways to get involved. Whether you have a few hours, a free day, or one day a week, sign up below and we’ll find a way for you to help as best you can! 

Donate to Alisa for TX HD-94

Pitch in to help support Alisa’s campaign so she can fight for you in the state capital. Monthly donations are the most helpful way to contribute because it empowers us to budget and plan ahead.

Join us and make a contribution today!

Vote for Alisa!

The most important way to support Alisa is with your vote. You can vote early by mail, in person, or on Election Day in Tarrant County.