Alisa’s Priorities

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From healthcare, to public education, to supporting working families, Alisa’s focused on the issues that matter most to her community.

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Increase Access and Affordability of Healthcare

Too many Texans are living without health insurance. Alisa understands the importance of access to quality and affordable healthcare. She supports expanding Medicaid to ensure coverage for the thousands of Texans who are currently uninsured. Expanding Medicaid would not only insure more working Texans, but it would also help the economy by creating hundreds of thousands of good-paying jobs. It is not acceptable that Texas ranks first in the nation for the number of people who are uninsured. Texas should fully restore Texas’ Children’s Health Insurance Program to help cover the over half a million kids without healthcare.

All Texans deserve the freedom to choose their best mental and physical healthy lifestyle. We should respect that the decision about when and whether to become a parent is an individual person’s to make, with their doctor, family, and faith. Our laws should promote and safeguard Texans’ health by increasing our insurance coverage, not limiting our healthcare options. 

Politicians in Austin are too busy with political games and tricks to find common sense solutions that keep our families and children safe.

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Lower Property Taxes

The Texas government has continued to decrease funding for public education and healthcare year after year, causing rising property taxes. Alisa believes that the state should uphold its responsibility to fund quality and accessible public education for children. Doing so will decrease property taxes, since 53% of property taxes are allocated to schools. Alisa also supports local control and doubling the homestead exemption to give homeowners real relief. It’s time for out-of-touch legislators in Austin to stop pushing their responsibilities onto homeowners.

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Increase Public Education

Alisa believes in investing in the students of Texas and in their futures. When Alisa is elected in November, she will fight to fully fund public education, because all children in a state as economically prosperous as Texas should be receiving a quality education. Alisa also believes in fully funding prekindergarten.

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Grow the economy and support small business

As a small-business owner, Alisa understands the importance of supporting our local economy and small-business owners. She will fight to make Texas a great place to start a company, create local jobs, and run a thriving business. In order to support our small businesses in Texas, we must maintain strong universities and vocational training programs, invest in good transportation networks, and improve our public services and infrastructure. 

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